I-215 West Beltway Trail

One common assumption that I get a lot of traveling outside of Las Vegas is that it's a 24-hour party! While Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, that entertainment comes in all shapes, forms, and varieties! There is always something for everyone! As for me, that includes taking advantage of the gorgeous weather here in Vegas and getting outdoors as much as possible! One of my absolute favorite outdoor activates is taking my dog & walking one of the many walking, jogging, or biking trails that are available for enjoyment in the city.  

I like walking because it's a low-impact way of staying active & the trail that I choose to walk today was the I-215 West Beltway Trail. The center of the trail is located in Summerlin, a neighborhood approximately 10 miles from the Las Vegas Strip & just a short distance away from Red Rock Canyon.  Additionally, the center of I-215 West Beltway Trail is also conveniently located close to both Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa and Downtown Summerlin outdoor shopping center. This is great news for any guests staying at Red Rock Casino Resort interested in walking, running, and cycling because the I-215 West Beltway Trail would be a perfect fit!  

The trail in its entirety currently extends from W. Tropicana Ave. to Centennial Parkway and is approximately 16 miles in length. The I-215 West Beltway Trail offers picturesque views of the mountains as well as the Las Vegas Strip along the route.  Although technically a bike trail, it is shared courteously by cyclists, runners, and walkers alike!  

I completed 5 miles of the I-215 West Beltway Trail today. Tomorrow I'll go back and walk a little further, and by the end of the week, I plan to have walked the entire I-215 West Beltway Trail! Las Vegas has a variety of walking, jogging, or biking trail options, and the I-215 West Beltway Trail is just one of many!  The weather is beautiful, so what are you waiting for? Let's get outdoors and walk Vegas! 

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